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Didn't say you were trying to convert me. And in America, I have the right to offend you. Freedom of speech...
No you don't lol That's like saying "I have a bomb" whilst on a plane, if you try that and say that it's freedom of speech will you get away with it? No! If you start shout racist comments in the hood against black people and claim it's freedom of speech you probably wouldn't see the light of day again. Oh try insulting Jewish people and see where that takes you (to hell my friend).

Plus on your account I can testify that your mum was a whore because Tom, Dick and Harry told me so. Furthermore she raped you when you were only 6 years old which makes her a peadophile. To protect society from evil we should lock you up in solidarity & torture you because you are her bastard child and the same should be done to all of her other children.

I don't care about your mum period; Nor do I love her so it gives me the right to talk about her this way and make such accusations.

Do you see the resemblance? (rhetorical question)