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    runescape : RuneCrafting

    I. Introduction:

    RuneCrafting is one of the hardest skills in RuneScape and is the most repetive skill in the game. Rune Mysteries quest has to be completed in order to start RuneCrafting. Most people do not get all the way to 99 in one go, though it is recommended to do so. Do not think that if you no life it you will be able to do it all in 1 week or so, no, even if you no life it, it will still take over a month.
    This Guide is very basic for all the ones that have never had experience with Runecrafting before.

    II. Supplies:

    RuneCrafting doesn’t need many supplies to train. First of all you need Rune/Pure essence to make into runes, these can be obtained by mining them in a RuneCrafting mine. To get there you have to be teleported by the, most of the time, Runes merchants, the ones most used are : Aubury (in the rune shop south of the Varrock East bank) and Wizard Distentor (in the magic guild in Yanille) .
    Ofcourse mining your own essence will take a long time if you are aiming for high RuneCraft levels, so it is recommended to buy them from the Grand Exchange.
    The second very important thing you need to RuneCraft are talismans. With these talismans you will be able to enter the altar you need to go in order to craft runes,so for every rune (altar) you have a different talisman. Talismans are obtained as drop from many low level creatures ; Men, women, goblins, guards, dark wizards, ect.
    Ofcourse you could also buy them from the Grand Exchange but sometimes they won’t come in instantly. Now you’ve got your essences and you’ve got your Talisman of the altar you want to go, now you need to get there. What you do most while training RuneCrafting is…Running, and that means A LOT of running. In order to make you be able to run longer or to reduce the cost of super energy pots you need to make yourself as light as possible, so recommended items to wear are : penance gloves, boots of lightness, a spotted/spottier cape. These stuff will reduce your weight a lot, you might even be able to go under 0kg. Now you have all the stuff and supplies needed for runecrafting, lets get started!

    III. Lvl 1 – 9 : Air Runes!

    Air Runes! Thats what you’ll be making from the very beginning to lvl 9. Air rune require rune essence to make and a air talisman and (optional) super energy pots.
    Bank in Falador west bank and follow the path all the way north until you reach the guards, then go between the tree’s a little east and you should see some large rocks, use your talisman on them and you’ll be teleported to the air altar, click on the big stone in the middle and you’ll craft your essences into air runes! Congratulations you just created you very first runes! Now exit the altar and run back to the bank and bank to go for another load. Continue this process until you reach level 9.

    IV. Lvl 9-14 : Earth Runes!

    From level 9 to 14 the fastest way will be earth runes, but ofcourse if you don’* want to change and keep doing airs because you got used to it that is fine too, the exp different isn’t that much. To craft Earth Runes you need : Rune Essence, Earth talisman and super energy potions (Optional). You will have to bank in the Varrock East bank. Then run along the road to the east and when it breaks up into 2 directions you have to go to the north. When the road turns to the right follow it just for a few second and the altar will be between the tree’s north of you. Then use the talisman on the stones and craft the earth runes. Exit the altar and run back OR you could teleport to Varrock and run to the east bank to bank, this requires a more money for the tele runes but it is so much faster. Continue crafting earth runes until level 14.

    V.Lvl 14-44 : Fire Runes!
    Now from level 14 it is almost a must to do this method, there are 2 different ways to get to the altar, one very fast and one pretty slow. The fast way requires quite a bit money. 1) The fast way : Requires : Rune Essence, Fire talisman, Duel Rings and super energy pots (optional). To start you bank in Castle Wars, then you teleport with your duelling ring to Al kharid duel arena. There you go a little bit northwards (just north of the little house) and there is the fire altar already ! then craft the runes. Teleport back to Castle Wars and bank. Pretty fast way. 2) the slower way : Requires : rune essence, fire talisman and energy pots (more recommended than in the fast way) and NO duelling rings. Since you’re not using you will have to bank in duel arena and just run to the altar and run back to bank. Note : These are slow levels and boring BUT it is worth it when you finally reach 44!

    VI. 44-75 : Nature Runes!
    From this level RuneCrafting finally starts to pay off! (Woot) Nature Runes will be crafted through the Abyss, to unlock the abyss talk to the zamorak mage in the wildy just north of edgville where the river ends. Requires : At this level the recommended gear ( II) is very important since you will be running more than before, PURE essence, this will be the first time you will have to use pure essence to make your runes, NO tiara, Mithril pickaxe/dragon axe and super energy potions, Pouches, and a few duelling rings and some glory’s (the more the better) ( Super energy pots are highly recommended at 65-75).
    Pouches : Pouches are extra bags to store pure essence in order to craft more nature runes, you should start using them from lvl 50 rc (Large pouch) , to get them you will have to kill the abyss creatures in the abyss it self, it is best to stay at 1 place and kill the lowest level creatures, takes good food and armor since you will have to camp for like 2-3 hours, IMPORTANT : you can obtain the first pouch ( small pouch) off the zammy mage so you don’t have to spend your time on killing for the first pouch.
    To start off you will have to bank in Edgville : put the pure essence,glory’s,duelling rings and super energy pots the right top corner of your bank so you can bank faster. In your bag the pouches should be in the top left corner to fill and empty faster (every second counts).

    Continued :

    So fill you full bag with p ess, fill the pouches, and fill your bag again. Then run to the zammy mage in the wildy (where the river ends) and use the teleport option he has, you will be teleported to the abyss, you CAN die and loose your stuff so be fast. The get into the middle you need to pass some obstacles, you will learn which one you’ll have to use pretty fast, just click on them and see what you need to do to pass them. Once in the middle go to the nature portal (the one closest to the doorway to the man in the middle) and enter it, you will be teleported to the nature altar, craft the runes and tele back to Edgville, bank (take a super energy pot if needed) and continue the process.

    VII. Tricks and notes for abyss.

    This is for the people who know how to do the abyss but just want to know some tricks or notes : If your pouch degrades, talk to the man in the middle of the abyss.
    If a revenant attacks you just continue and try to teleport to abyss instead of running back. 1 run takes about 40% energy and a energy pot gives 60% so take one each 2 runs and drink it as fast as possible WHILE running and drop it afterwards and fill the bagspace by emptying your lowest pouch. Keep all Rc supplies at the right top corner of your back and the pouches in the top left corner of your bag.

    VIII. 75-91 : ZMI

    Now for some fast experience to get that hot lvl 91 ! Only do this method when you have 75 rc ( the giant pouch!!) ZMI : requires : black d hide body and legs, glory, many duelling rings, super energy pots, a earth staff, lunar magic, astral runes and law runes. So quite a bit of money.
    To start : you bank in Cw, fill bag and pouches , also have astral runes and law runes in your bag and wear an earth staff. Then tele to ourania (spell in lunar magics) run along the path to the altar and pray each 2 times you get there because you will HAVE to protect range ALL THE TIME. Then go down the ladder besides the altar and run straight foward along the main path with all the Zammy creatures on it. THEY WILL ATTACK YOU (thats why the protect range). Run through them until you reach the altar, craft all the pure essence and you’ll see you get a few of every rune! Tele back to cw and bank there, store all the runes except for the laws and astrals (you need them for teleport) then tele back to ourania and repeat it.
    Notes : when your pouch degrades go to abyss to repair it and when you tele back to ourania MAKE SURE YOU PRAY since abyss drops your prayer to 0.
    This Method Needs PURE essence.
    The method DOES makes profit.
    You could do 75-91 with abyss-nature runes but it will take twice as long and at the 99 you will the money/time rate will be better if you do the zmi than abyss to 91.

    IX. 91-99 : Graahk

    Now for the real money : Double Nats!
    For this method you need : Graahk (57 Sum.) , Pure essence, Duelling rings, glory’s,super energy potion and nature tiara (using a nature tali on a empty tiara)
    To start off you bank in Cw. Fill bag and pouches with p ess. Than tele with the graahk . Run east via the lake and the run just belong the mine and the small obilisk.
    From there you should see the altar at the east. Craft runes and tele back to cw to bank. And continue this many many times.
    Notes : when pouch degrades repair in abyss,
    You only use 3 pouches! Do not use the smallest one.
    Every second counts for max profit.

    X. 99 Note’s
    -RuneCrafting double nats is a very good way to make money since you don’t need anyone but yourself and so you can do it whenever you want.
    -Do expect during your journey to 99 you WILL be wanting to do something else, but don’t !
    -Listen to Music and talk with friends (not to much since sometimes you will have to focus)
    -Never give up, since it will pay off really well at the end and it is a well respected cape.
    -When you hit level 91 it is a very good idea to assist in world 36 double nats. its like 30k exp in 30-40 minutes.
    -Make a competition with someone, rc with someone in the same world , it makes you go faster.
    Any futher questions? Just ask !

    XI. Exp/Hour

    Exp/hour is very various because of the talking to friends and slacking due boringness.

    From lvl 1-14 doesnt really matter cuz that wont take that long lol

    Lvl 14-44 : I cant remember those exp anymore but it didnt take that long so dont worry

    Lvl 44-75 : abyss is around 12-20k exp/ hour but some ppl are able to do 20k+ per hour.

    Lvl 75-91 : ZMI is around 33-36k exp per hour , pretty good exp for RuneCraft. But those are also the harderst lvls.

    Lvl 91-99 : Graahk is around 22-26k exp/hour. It depends on where you land after a teleport, like I said. Every second

    quoted from 7mmo

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