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    Its just one of those things that I know won't work. When you like other people, and some friend asks you out, you probably won't say "Yes".

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    She's skinny and hot. And she moved recently, so it became long distance, but I'm still trying to make it work knowing that it won't...
    A single day won't do shit. The fact that she moved makes it even easier. Don't initiate conversations for a few weeks. Get a new physical hobby which requires dedication(go to the gym, join a sports team, etc etc.), after those few weeks hit her up and ask her out. On your first "date", take her some where nice or nostalgic (coffee shop, a place you used to hang out in?, etc etc just make sure it's slightly more private), don't make it seem like a date though. Two people just hanging out. All you have to do is reconnect, your new physique and your new found confidence will change her perception of you and don't cater to her needs as you've probably been doing. Show her that you're confident and you can enjoy yourself without being needy. Don't be a dick though, there's a fine line between being a dick and being alpha. Don't talk to her much during the rest of the week. Every time she texts you, take around twice as long as she does to reply(not copious amounts of time but enough to give the impression that you're busy with your life. Which you should be.). Next week ask her out again, this time take her to a new place an open area. Somewhere like a park or somewhere you've never been before. Make her laugh, show her that you can make her happy. Start talking to her a bit more, but don't come off needy. Ask her out again the next week but this time make it a formal date. Meet her at your outside of your place, but when she arrives tell her to come in and you're almost ready to leave.(Don't forget to clean up/improve your living environment, change is important, assuming she has been to your place before.) On the date show her that you can be boyfriend material and you're serious about moving on your relationship with her. Don't be too serious though, make her laugh, show an air of confidence, be well put together, be a gentleman but not a needy bitch. By the end of the date she'll probably be head over heels for you. Her previous visit to your new and improved life will make her more comfortable with going back to your place. If you're both virgins just kiss/fool around and shit. If not, have sex.

    Recommended: Go to the gym. Fastest way to increase your physique other than probably a hardcore team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vice-Versa View Post

    Other friend just said to me: "Not gonna work cuz the girls gonna think u lik someone else nd giv up/think ur not worth it for liking someone else...worse thing to do is make a girl jealous"
    She won't be jealous, you're in the fucking friend zone. She doesn't see you as a potential mate, if she doesn't know you like her she'll see you purely as a platonic friend. If she knows you like her, she'll think you're a little bitch and definitely won't like you, unless she's into some kinky shit don't fuck crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flengo View Post

    I'm talking about another girl
    Oh baby, two timing.
    That's HOT.

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