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Time to show you how much of a fucking moron you are.

You didn't read my last post. Your first post defined muscle mass as muscle on it's own. That's LEAN muscle mass. The entire spectrum involving the muscle including the areas around the muscle and INSIDE the muscle is the entire muscle MASS. Let's move on.

Muscle hypertrophy is the process of protein synthesis into aiding the repairs of muscle tissue. Multiple DOCUMENTED STUDIES have indicated that protein intake for optimal synthesis into newly generative myocites and aiding to sarcomeres expansion for a bodybuilder should be between 1.2 TO 2.2 minimally. The aforementioned being unto a study in the early 2000's and the latter to a later study in the later 2000's. FURTHERMORE, the studies that say ONE GRAM PER POUND OF BODY WEIGHT ARE ONLY RELATIVE TO THE DEMANDS OF MAINTENANCE BASED ON A COMPLETE WORKOUT ROUTINE FOR CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE.

In moron terms, that only applies to people who are KEEPING their physique, who are routinely working out to keep the the physique they already have. Growth factors are NOT IN PLAY in those studies. Though I highly doubt you've even read a study on the biological effects on biosynthesis in comparison to the ATP production of the catabolic rate induced protein synthesis of sarcomere induced microfractures of the muscle tissue.

Moving on.

What the fuck is IFBB?

Fad diet? So a low calorie, high protein diet, which is endorsed by THOUSANDS of fitness instructors AND nutritionists alike is a "fad diet"? Holy shit you must believe everything your brofessor tells you. Learn about the human anatomy and take a college course in biology before you try telling me that KEEPING CALORIES LOW AND PROTEIN HIGH IS A FAD DIET FOR LEAN MASS GAIN.

Then you don't know any intelligent body builders. Any bodybuilding regiment that involves dirty bulking, by which you are completely endorsing here, will only harm a persons metabolism. It increases LDL, and decreases blood pressure, as well is highly stressful for the kidneys and liver, on top of which the abnormal spikes in insulin and the sudden cut off is known to cause thyroid problems. Also, when you dirty bulk, you put on more fat than muscle. This reduces the bodies catabolic rate, and increases the difficulty of reaching that catabolic rate in the future. This too, has been proven.

Did I say I was bulking for 4 years? No. I had been doing basic sets and have only become serious about bodybuilding in the past year. I went from 150 to 200 pounds dirty bulking, and have had profound issues with losing the onset issues of the dirty bulk, so now I am heeding my nutritionist, fitness instructor, and two friends who are professional bodybuilders advice with this regiment. Pretty sure my nutritionist knows what the fuck he's talking about, considering he's shown me the studies up front.

First of all, it's the "law of diminishing RETURNS". Further proof you're talking out of your ass considering you don't even know what the fuck it's called. This idea is contributed mainly to ECONOMICS, in the ideal that if one factor is increased while other contributing factors remain a constant, the rational output will diminish. My diet consists of multiple factors, of supplementing my BCAA's, producing excess protein, boosting the catabolic rate, double loading and cutting carbohydrates on specific days, and changing the routine repeatedly. This means that this has ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING CORRELATION TO THE MATTER AT HAND.

You have absolutely no idea what the fuck it is you are talking about.

You know why people don't last? Because the fucking workouts are ridiculous. Try doing suicides the size of a fucking football field, I dare you. You know "oh so much about bodybuilding" (without contributing ANY facts whatsoever, nor the biology behind your accusations, AND include misinterpreted citations of terms that are not even relevant).

In fact, Jonathan Lawson, a WELL known bodybuilder, had done a 10 week course in which he put on 20 pounds of LEAN MUSCLE MASS AND LOST WEIGHT all at the same time. Jonathan Lawson also speaks down upon steroids as he's piss-scared they'll cause live failure.

Mike Semanoff, also known as Mr. Utah heavyweight champion, put on 20 pounds of LEAN MUSCLE MASS in 8 WEEKS. There is no possible way he could have been using steroids as they are tested METICULOUSLY at those competitions for them now.

Maybe you should actually take the time to research this shit before looking like a total fucking moron. You know nothing about biology or weight lifting, and have proven that by not even taking the time to look into what the fuck you are talking about before posting. Fucking scrub.
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