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A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: Welcome to the wonderful land of Escilydaria!
Stranger: hi there,
You: Choose your character:
Stranger: may i enter your gates
You: Human, Elf, Orc or Troll
You: >
Stranger: human
You: Choose your class:
You: Magician, Archer, or Swordsman
You: >
Stranger: swordsman
You: And so the adventure begins!
Stranger: made from british steel
You: You begin in a dark room. There are sticks in the corner, and there seems to be no exit.
You: >
Stranger: i attept to build a fire with lvl 12 firemaking skills by rubbing the dry sticks
Stranger: how can i see the sticks though
You: Your attempt is successful. You now see a thousand spiders slowly crawling around the room
You: >
You: Error: did not recognize that command.
You: >
Stranger: hehe
You: Hint: you can say COMMANDS to see what you can currently do.
Stranger: im not afraid of spiders so i walk calmly over them
You: You calmly pass the spiders and reach a large door. It seems to require a key.
You: >
Stranger: i use my strong steel sword as a crowbar and brake the lock
You: You attempt to break the lock and fail.
You: >
Stranger: i use the fire to burn the door to weaken it
You: You weaken the door. In the process, the room catches fire.
You: >
Stranger: i try to break down the door again after a long run up
You: You successfully break through the door, only to find yourself in another room. This seems to be a dungeon keenly built as a maze.
You: The blaze slowly follows you, and you realize you must hurry your way out of the dungeon.
You: >
Stranger: i summon a loyal guide my trusty dog whos name is ....
You: You summon Griff, your loyal friend.
You: >
Stranger: COMMANDS
You: You can currently Search and Check Inventory.
Stranger: SEARCH
You: You search the room. There are three doors, each with a large keyhole*. There are also some boxes in the corner.
You: Hint: * symbolizes an important word or event.
You: >
Stranger: I summon a fiesty wench
You: You summon a fiesty wench who's name is Wendy. She slowly corners you.
You: >
Your conversational partner has disconnected.