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    Red face EDGEWORLD SPEED HACK!!!!!!!

    ok I noticed some dont think you can still cheat in edgeworld.... well i never believed it one bit.. there is always a way... and yes it works and you cant get banned!!!!! been doing it for months.. well before i stopped playing for a bit.. i use firefox cause its just easier and faster to just click flash player. you need to download if you dont have it. Cheat engine 6.2... it comes with 32 and 64 bit. run edgeworld on firefox. next open the cheat engine that runs on your system 32 or 64bit. top left corner you will see a computer. click it and you will see 2 flash players..... pick one.. (i pick the bottom one but you can use either or what ever one works at the time) then open it. next click the speed hack option... it has presets but you can make them different. speed of 2.0 to 10 is ok ---------BUT DO NOT MAX IT OUT---------- game will crash... then click apply... there you go happy speed hacking!!!!

    just search for cheat engine 6.2

    how it works. all this does is speed up the game thats it.. it does no make you stronger or anything.... it speeds up both attacker and defendant.... so really all your doing is just speeding up play... try it before you tell me it wont work lol cause it dose........ sorry but as of now this is the only thing we can do that i know of. a few of us in edgeworld use this..

    now for you coders that say it cant be hacked was wondering where i use this cheat engine 6.2 and it shows 2 flash players and yet you can still use the speed hack i'm wondering if you change the hexes in both flash players... i ask this because i click both players and enable the speed hack... if i had the values i would try myself on one of the 11 players i have..... i'm no top hacker but i do know how to use my hxd and my cheat engine so i am willing to try anything if one is willing to help me out to do so... i also use cheat engine for dragons of atlantis.... lol my wraith dragon is always ready and i always have what i need for elite troops.... XD. you like if this helped for any edgeworld player.. and where people know it cant be hacked all you tell them if they ask is you have a fast gaming computer....

    have fun guys and gals.
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