So we were in a trip to Colombia because my half my family blood are from Colombia. (Dad: Colombia Mom: Cuba) So yeah I'm a Latino.
So we came there to visit my dads grandpa (which is sad because he doesn't remember him at all and he use to play and ride horses with him in a beautiful ranch up in the mountains, which his grandfather sold later on when my dad and his parents went to live in Florida because his my dad's dad was one of the best engineers in Colombia and has a good job working in America, hes kinda rich but not like a millionaire, He buys cheap things to save his money. Usually to get airplane tickets to visit Colombia.) After coming back from the trip, 2 days later, my dads grandfather died. My dad was kinda depressed because he tried to make his grandfather to remember him but it was too late. He already gotten over with it.

During the trip, we came to visit his grandfather apartment due to selling his ranch. we stay at the small apartment for 1 week until we head to a hotel up in the mountains. It was a very "Ranchy" hotel. We stay there with only a ceiling fan to keep us cool. and the worst thing about the trip is that I COULD NOT SPEAK SPANISH AT ALL OR EVEN UNDERSTAND IT. Which is kinda sad and boring to me when i had to watch only Spanish TV shows. After that we head back to the apartment to get ready a for party (my dad's grandfather birthday i think). It was really fancy and looked expensive.

The whole trip was great. the scenery were beautiful. It was very sad when my dad's grandfather died 2 days later. We couldn't even go to the funeral. But overall is a very nice experience as it was the first time i ever left America, FL.

And so thats my trip.

*I'm deeply sorry for my grammar, i was in a hurry due to having a lunch break. Will fix when i get home.