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I just don't like one thing about it.
It consumes alot of batery life.
I have not noticed that to be honest, I've can play it several hours straight and still have a lot of battery left.
But it might be some sort of compatibility issue.

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How much does it cost?
Not much at all, unsure what it'll cost for you due to currency differences.

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I still had it since it was released. I play it on my ios (cheapest avaible sht i could have)
I jailbroke it (Of course) and got it cracked. (Unlocked all via 3rd party programs :3)
I dunno what the game pandemic is (I think its the zombie game?)
Its fun to customize the name of your virus. (I Chose mine Happiness and Peace and win the game at the end with that xD)
I approve that its a good addicting game (Or at least when you are bored)
I like the new update (Necroa Virus)
Pandemic is a game that's built up exactly like this one but it has a lot less diseases and it's available as a flashgame.
Necroa is also my favorite.

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only done the bacteria ._. this game is very tricky for me u,u
You'll get the hang of it.