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    Quote Originally Posted by Aborted View Post

    ​Please research computer prices throughout time.
    My $900 dollar Computer I bought in 2003 was running all games perfectly until 2006 Just like a $900 dollar computer now would be running most games fine until the late 2010s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auxilium View Post

    My $900 dollar Computer I bought in 2003 was running all games perfectly until 2006 Just like a $900 dollar computer now would be running most games fine until the late 2010s
    ​Computers have reduced in price by over 90% in the last decade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3DR3VO View Post
    Well you are the one who first tried to compare them by bringing up IBM in the first place.
    BTW you did know MS helped in making the IBM right? But I guess you still have not figured that out yet.
    Bill gates helped make the OS/2 it was Co-developed by IBM and Microsoft, it was intended to replace DOS.
    And the GUI version of Windows was ripped off of Apple, who ripped it off of Xerox. Your point? They all either steal each others shit, or rip it off. Doesn't mean one won't fail. If it weren't for Xerox, Apple would have never created a GUI OS. If Apple had never sent their systems to Microsoft for evaluation, MS would have never created Windows. IBM was the only company (with the exception of Xerox) that created its own OS from scratch with help from MS without having it ripped off of them.

    Your argument makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever. Just because a company is massive, does NOT mean it can not fail. Assuming that because MS is the software giant right now, that they will be so in the next 20-50 years is a terrible argument. All it would take is for Apple to open their OS instead of restricting the shit out of it and they would take over, why? Because the god honest truth is that OSX is "prettier", and there are more morons using computers nowadays than technologically savvy people. They open the OS and BOOM, all of MS's exclusive software and gaming is now on Apple computers. Now MS is losing massive quantities of currency do to this one, extremely miniscule change.

    Or, Ubuntu strikes a deal with Intel for a co-sponsorship. That deal leads Ubuntu to deals with Dell and HP. Now all Dell and HP laptops are being shipped out with Ubuntu. The sudden popularity spikes the amount of developers attempting to gain a foothold in this newly popularized market and software booms. Popularity continues to increase and as such releases are stabilized by the continuous help of the community. Now MS has to compete with a completely free OS that has the same functionality. MS's XBox division, nor MS's hardware division would be able to keep the entire company afloat.

    Those are all EXAMPLES by the way. Not factual "this is going to happen" scenarios. My entire point here is that no matter what happens ANY company is subject to failure.

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