Hi, hm. First of all, i'd like to apologies to everyone that has been scammed by me and i'd like to apologies to Administrators. I've been scamming 2 guys so far on this site and i've been such a dick. Scamming these 2 innocent people did not bring any changes to my life except an IP ban and every accounts i make gets banned, which is kinda sad. I've scammed a guy for $20 UGC and i will refund him Monday. I've also scammed another guy and i just sold every weapons on his account, i don't know how to refund this guy but if you have any ideas on how to, i'd gladly refund him this way. Everybody makes mistakes... and i think i should be granted a second chance... I promise i will be a better person on MPGH and i will contribute to the well-being of the community. I'm honestly really really sorry and this won't happen ever again.

If you would grant me a second chance, i'd really be happy.