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    since this is general

    I wanted to ask a question which is,

    has anyone had a gut feeling that overtime gets stronger and stronger and than you lose control of yourself? Example for a friend of mine who was small and this was 11year back, he was picked on on school on the daily basis, so he had a gut feeling growing and growing everday, one day at school his gut feeling become to strong and lost it at the gym, he almost killed 2 teen(he and I are teen ourself btw), it has been 12 year since I have seen him(he was 14 at the time and is still in jail, didn't know teen can go to jail or prison, think prison cause prison means long term while jail means short term).

    So has anyone got this gut feeling that lead to an uncontrollable person that arise within you and act on its own with out your accordinace( I spell this wrong). The reason ask is cause I have been developing this from the age of 20(my friend I don't know but was released at the age of 14), I still try my best to hold it but at some point it went out and I injure someone to the point of he had to go to the hospital. i don't know if this is racial wise ( im Puerto rican) or if this is just a genetic wise ( my father was worst than this), but im seeking help soon cause i fear i will do something much worse than my friend.

    i guess i can ask another question beside this. who has this as well, want to see if im alone at this stage.

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