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    Quote Originally Posted by KING View Post
    To Long Not Reading. Edit- Fuck it i read it.
    You said as fact that Trayvon grabbed the gun. Thats not definitive, you made it up.

    Having a concealed gun licence means you only reveal your gun when needed. Why would Trayvon grab/reach for a gun he has no clue about.
    You're taught when taking the Conceal Weapon that your supposed to do everything in your power to avoid a dangerous situation. How does Zimmerman prove to anyone that he was avoiding such a dangerous criminal/situation in Trayvon when he's the once to pursue the potential burglar/Trayvon.

    See you're new around here. I'm currently attending school for Criminal Justice. I graduate with a 4 yr Bachelor in January 2014 (Unless I fail a class which I won't). This case and other is basically the ONLY thing we talk about in class. I'm also a Class C (non gun) security guard (pay for my school and experience to my future career), when relieving other security guards, this is what we talk about. SO I have a little something other than MSNBC and FOX news to rely for information.

    I've only watched HLN coverage (during the breaks) and the Actual Florida Livestream of the case. Its on TV here because............I LIVE in Florida.

    Yes im on my high horse, I'm just too up to date and too knowledgeable about the laws in this case for someone like you to simply.....LIE.
    (Lie like make up shit and lie, thats just aggravating).
    All of that's really neat, but you have a dildo with ad hominem written all over it stuck so far up your ass I'm inclined to suggest that you remove it if you want to be taken seriously in any further discourse. It's very easy to talk to shit, and if you want to continue, please throw your tantrums in the designated kiddy corner. Leave debates to mature adults. Normally I get a real hard on when I find out that someone is majoring in criminal justice, but as that is completely irrelevant to the debate at hand, and especially since you don't seem to know the difference between circumstantial and direct evidence, I can't bring myself to care. The fact that you are a rent-a-cop is also irrelevant. Now a mature individual will counter an adversary's argument with his own, if he believes their opponent is wrong. They do not wave their arms around with their dick tied in knots.

    Pistols have a distinct shape that makes them instantly recognizable even if they're covered by clothes. Now as this occurred in Florida, Zimmerman was not wearing a parka. Furthermore, both of them were on the ground. In that scenario it is no longer "Zimmerman's pistol," it is, "the pistol." Because it was within reach of either Zimmerman or Treyvon. Now I did make a mistake on one count and I apologize, the pistol did cycle. The police report states that Zimmerman's Kel Tec PF-9 discharged once, there was one casing on the ground, but the chamber was empty and the magazine had a full seven rounds. Zimmerman claimed in the police report that they fought over the gun. This backs up his statement as such a malfunction could occur if the slide was prevented from feeding the next round into the chamber. I didn't pull anything out of my ass. Or it could simply be that his gun sucks ass and it failed to cycle when he put one through Treyvon. I don't know, I wasn't there. But I'm not lying. I'm just citing data from the released details of the police report.
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