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    This is really funny, can you guys keep arguing?

    @ n4n033, your IQ Level:

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    Sure, we test it and then we find out its a virus. Too late right?

    We analyze the file first and check to see if the virus scans are correct first. After that, we test it if we can and its possible. But that isn't always possible. We're not really going to open up a hack and test it when we're unable to get any type of analysis on it.

    After we analyze your file, we delete it. Even your normal attachment. Attach the unpacked version into the thread. No one but the minions of that section & GMOD+ will be able to download your file.

    After its checked, it'll be deleted from MPGH & our computers. Its a safety precaution we have to take to ensure the safety of our members.

    We can't and won't really test if we don't know what it is.
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    I understand OPs point of view. Some coders don't want to give an unpacked version of their file. It's understandable as you cannot trust anyone. If they want to think that we'll leech their source code, make our own private hacks, leak their codes to the public - whatever it may be, that is completely understandable. If I worked hard on a hack from scratch and put my time and effort in it, I definitely would keep my OWN source codes to myself and NO ONE but myself, however I would like to release my hack and show people my work, hence people pack their hack. For sure I wouldn't want people getting my source codes. If I ever gave away my unpacked version of an attachment and my source coding got posted, I'd feel angry. Angry in a way where the release I worked on, the source of the release that I wanted to keep to myself, is now in the presence of other people.

    From my point of view (or a minion, moderator, admin POV) you only provide your unpacked version to us so that we can verify that the file is safe. That's it. I'm not going to take your source coding and leak it, I'm not going to send your coding to the game company and say (pls patch this code) or whatever people do nowadays. No. I'm only going to check your file and make sure that it is safe so that users can enjoy a great and clean release.

    You're not forced to make a release here. You do it because you chose to make one. You wanted to share your work with the community. If you don't want to provide an unpacked version, that is completely your choice. I'm not going to argue because I understand why you wouldn't want to provide an unpacked version. If your thread gets deleted because you didn't provide an unpacked version and that a minion cannot verify the safety of the file, then you shouldn't argue either. We don't know what's in your file. As a result we resort to "being safe than sorry" behavior - by deleting your thread because we don't know what's in the file.

    Testing files is one thing. If a minion has checked a file and it's clean, then they'll proceed to checking if it works in game. If we blindly open the file without knowing what's in it, and go and test it, how do we know if the file is a virus? How do we know that it'll contain advertisements, and/or other rule breaking content? Checking for advertisements and redirects created to other sites and be definitely checked by opening the file and testing it out. But how about viruses? How do we know what's in that file? We don't. That's why we need to make sure that it is clean by getting the unpacked version.


    That's all I really have to say. Flengo will probably close this thread. Read and understand both sides. I won't judge if you don't want to provide an unpacked version. I won't really care if you don't. I'll just understand why you won't provide one.

    That's that.
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