Well, I'm back here for some help.
Here's the thing, I managed to get some programs to allow me to get free in-app purchases (some have better protection I guess)
Meaning, I have purchased several full/premium/pro versions of apps that I use or have needed for a while (For the sake of being able to update without a hassle using the play store rather than downloading yet another cracked one)

Using this I can also buy ingame currency in a few games, so far mostly pointless games such as angry birds (Which sucks, except if you're high, then it's aight)

The problem is, the games and programs that I want it to work for have some anti-modification detection and I think it's due to the programs publicity.
So when I start the game with this IAP hack I get a prompt saying something along the lines of "Warning: Unlawful Activity, modifying program information will result in legal prosecution. Please delete the program and try again"

So, the question is, anyone here that could help me to de-compile and possibly recompile the game without the detection or to help me modify the program enough to not be recognized by the game, I can go either way.