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    So yesterday my bible teacher(ik bible :/) said something really interesting. She talked about this thing called "lenses" which is basically how we perceive the world. This got me thinking about how we perceive and think about the world in different ways, for example there was the "Hate" lens, also the "me" lens. This probably sounds pretty childish but it is actually a pretty interesting subject, like how people see things on this forum, and in life in general. It almost has given me a new perspective on reality. For example if someone is hating the way you act or the way you talk/think that might not necessarily be just them hating you, it could just be how they see the world and people around them. Wanting to point out there flaws and such. This reminds me of the phrase "Haters gonna hate" which is overused, but true. Hating on someone isn't necessarily that persons fault, It could just be the person aka the "hater" seeing things in a negative way. And say that person getting picked on at school but they are not really getting picked on they are just being over dramatic, we called that the "victim lens" I don't know if this is at all relevant to you guys but it's fun to think about how everyone has a different perspective and how that effects there actions.
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