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    Quote Originally Posted by Temperrr View Post

    Corrected it for you.
    Hey now... Isn't it against the rules to edit what I say in quotes =p

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    All of you don't have the slightest idea on the process of picking new staff. Let me go through a run down of everything. Don't worry, I'm going to dumb it down so that your child like brains can comprehend what I'm saying, hopefully.

    I think almost all of you don't read the requirements in the application thread. Pretty much no one who was active in the section prior to the applications applied. The ones that did, weren't ideal candidates.

    To become staff, you have to first follow the rules on your own. You have to not be a fag for starters.

    Why did Royce get Minion. He was immensely active in the ROTMG Section. He tried to do a lot there. Helped out with a lot. Frequently reported posts, or directly reported it to staff.

    Royce has extensive knowledge of ROTMG and of the forum. You might say that many others also have the knowledge. But that's not good enough. Royce actually made numerous attempts to improve the section, make changes to the section, etc. He showed his dedication towards the section. He did all that before applications opened up.

    That shows that he's willing to work hard already, not just because there's an opportunity open now.

    Anyway, most of you don't and won't understand how picking staff goes. You won't be able to actually see what candidates are better than others.

    Don't hold the past onto someone or something forever. Since I'm sure you wouldn't want the same being done to you.

    Liz picked, now deal with it. There is nothing you can do about it. Royce deserves this chance.

    You don't have to like him. You can sure as hell go ahead and continue to hate him. Don't flame him, insult him or disrespect him.

    If he fucks up, then he fucks up and is done forever. Just let him have his chance.
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