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    Holidays training scheme(extreme fat loss and extreme conditioning for who needs it)

    So hey guys
    I have a week off, and that means training with my dad.
    I'm going to share my training schedule with you guys, and also what I'm eating.

    I can assure you that extreme weight loss and a better condition will be the result, even if its just a week.

    So what it comes down to is:

    Alot of running, alot of training, very low amount of food
    I did it before, and I went from 96 kilograms to 72-74 kilograms in 2 months(excluding the waterweight).
    Thats a ~24kg weight loss in 2 months.

    Before you get your hopes up
    Let me assure you that you WILL lose muscles, but primarily fat.

    You can do it whilst you have school or work, I did it aswell, but you'll deffinately degrade at school or work, because its quite intense and requires alot of efforts

    You don't need the following, but using them will deffinately increase your weightloss and conditioning:
    Green thea
    Green apples
    Jumping rope
    Heavy hoody
    Plastic dirt bag(*)

    Wear a 'plastic dirt bag' everytime you go work out. It will literally push the water weight out of your body, so you can judge your real weight.

    And oh yeah
    Don't you dare to touch energy-drinks motherfuckerrr

    So here is a weekplan if you were to be in a good condition already:
    If you have a jumping rope, add it in
    One rule:
    20 or 50 push ups every hour, 50x2 sit ups every two hours.

    Sunday: Go to sleep where you can wake up at 5 in the morning and yet have atleast 10 hours of sleep

    Wake up at 5 in the morning, before you wash your face or dress up, do 20 or 50 push ups. Nothing in between
    Get dressed up, wear a rather heavy hoody, because it'll only make it easier for you later
    Run 1 hour and 30 minutes straight on atleast 11km/h pace. If you have a jumping rope, run 1 hour and run the other 30 minutes whilst ropeskipping.
    Go back home, drink a cup of green thea, no sugar or anything added, no extra candy or whatsoever at all. Eat a green apple(green apples enforce fat reducing I heard).
    It should be around 07:00 by then, and as the rule says, you're supposed to do push ups and sit ups now.
    Do what you're supposed to do for the rest of the day, and make sure you eat a green apple 5 times a day, and a good source of protein

    Drink ALOT of water. You can kinda use water as a hunger-stiller, but green apples and water don't go along too well regarding the hunger-stilling, so good luck.

    Don't forget the push ups and sit-ups rule even if I skip it. Push ups=every hour, sit ups= ever two hours.
    So as an example:
    05:00; Wake up, do the running part, push ups
    07:00; green apple, green thea, push ups+sit ups
    09:00; green apple
    12:00; boil chicken(or any bird-related meat), peel off the skin, and eat it. Don't cook it with oil, boil it in water. Not too much. Don't use it as an excuse to still your hunger, thats not what it is for. It is there to reduce your muscle loss as much as possible.
    14:00; green apple, if you do fighting sports, go to your sport and make sure you train your body enough, in all manners. For my part, that would be my usual boxing routine, but I won't write that down here because it'll cost even more effort. Make sure its extremely intense.
    Try to limit the use of weights as much as possible if you're going for a fighter body, if its just for show, go ahead and use all the weights you want.
    17:00; green apple
    18:00; Run 1 hour and 30 minutes again(same thing as above, if you have a rope, ropeskip for half an hour). Push ups etc
    19:00; green thea+green apple, rest out and prepare to sleep

    Make sure you get alot of sleep. The food is 'healthy', and for that reason, if you happened to have alot of pimples, you should see a pretty good decrease of pimples just because of the simple fact that you're sleeping alot and eating nothing bad.

    Repeat that everyday
    No cheating days

    I can assure you that you'll probably lose atleast 8 kilograms in that one week including waterweight, which is alot.
    You can prevent muscle loss by eating more meat, fish, and eggs, but that'll also decrease your weight loss(slightly, but surely).

    I've kinda wrote it quickly, my english ain't correct, and I might have skipped some stuff so if you've got questions or any remarks, just post them here.
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