I have always thought about what the difference between stories and real life. I have always wondered why can't life play out like a book. Well I finally found my answers. Everyone is enthralled with books because it allows the reader to escape from reality. Now books as a human invention often mirror reality but we bring ourselves as writers to bend reality into that in which we see pleasure. Some see it as a far off kingdom where magic exists and some see it as a more realistic place, but there is one reason why we read and that is because in the end, no matter what hardships have been thrown at the characters, there is always a happy ending. Now this one single aspect is why books which are so much like our life are so different. In life there is no happy endings. There is no Ups after our downs. When we set down a book we think what it would be like to be the character. We often wonder if a place could have ever existed where magic was real or the future was made of robots. We wonder if good will ever prevail over the endless tide of evil. Sadly in books, good will always prevail but yet in realty it never will. Books are a mean of escape but also a mean to see a much purer world within our own. Sadly this reality does not exist anywhere that resides with the tag non fiction. So in the end the difference between life and books, in books happiness will always be at the end... In life there only exists misery.

Depressing philosophy about books and life. Feel free to discuss.