You must love me.
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I love all the people that look up to me and those on my friends list. I hate all the CS (or at least most), Vnreal (use to be my bestfriend till she changed), Exotiic (for not sharing his folder of porn ), Crossfire Players (most of them), League of Legends players (most of them are toxic fucktards), Bs (idk why), Blake and Royce and Implify (because we had arguments over the dumbest things), Seyeko, Hero and Antipathy (and anyone else that posts more than me), retarded members, people that realize they made a stupid mistake and try to cover it up but do a terrible job, terrible impersonators, people that take asshurt to the next level, those into weird ass porn (lolis seem common here), and those who don't speak English (communication problems). Few of these are jokes.