Just finished watching it, not really sure what to think about it to be honest.
Also just finished watching the bonus content (the making of...) And they mentioned that they wanted to make a film with new ideas, not a parody and a film that had no references to others. This is what they did.

I really liked the concept of it all, how the 'aliens' were trying to 'improve' humans instead of wipe them out.

The action scenes were absolutely fucking awesome though at times you could see where they sped footage up.
I also liked the filming techniques used where they'd quickly cut to another shot over and over again to make a scene look intense when It really wasn't.

Some of the acting could of been better for example the 'ruler' of the 'alien/human things' was terrible at voicing over shit. Most of the acting was really good though, especially the alien/human things when they'd stop to look or chase sumboday.

The editing was awesome Annnnd quite shitty in some parts. The first time I saw the blue strobes I was like Fuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaahh! (There's a lot more to say but it's 5am and I need sleep)

Overall the movie was really good, reminded me of Shaun of the Dead, cockneys vs Zombies and a bit of Hot Fuzz (due to the actors).
If you like Simon peggs sense of humour you'ok definitely like this movie.

yes I know this movie was released quite a long time ago but fuck you.
And yes I know I also missed a lot of shit out but it's 5am so I'm going to sleep...

Seeing anchorman 2 today Fuuck yaaas