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    Some newly news

    Here's some interesting shiznip.
    Copy pasta train incoming:

    Michael Schumacher could be in a coma for the rest of his life

    German media has been speculating that Michael Schumacher may never come out of his coma after speaking to experts about the progress of his condition following his skiing accident last month

    He has been in an artificially induced state of unconsciousness for 18 days now and the silence from his management and the medical teams treating him in Grenoble, France, lead many to fear the worst.
    The coma means that oxygen to his brain is reduced, therefore it works less and is better placed to recover from the injuries sustained during a low-speed ski accident on December 29.
    But Schumacher, 44, has not recovered anywhere near sufficiently to be awoken from his coma, leading to the speculation that he might be committed to it for the rest of his days.
    Patients placed in such comas are usually brought out of them after one to two weeks.
    'There may have been complications', said neurosurgeon Andreas Zieger of the University Clinic for neurosurgery in Oldenburg to Focus magazine.
    'We should not speculate here. Ultimately, we are talking about life and death. A coma can in theory be maintained for a lifetime. It won’t hurt the human brain.'

    Source: Schumacher coma
    There's more information here if you want to know what happens if he won't be in a coma.

    Alienware's Steam Machine Launching in September

    Last week at CES, Alienware unveiled its upcoming Steam Machine to the world, but many questions were left unanswered about its specs, price, and release date. Now, however, the company's plans are coming into focus. While presenting at Valve's Dev Days summit this week, the company disclosed that it would be bringing its Steam Machine to market sometime this September. The news first broke via tweets from members of the audience, but IGN has since confirmed the launch timeline with Dell representatives.

    Alienware plans to price the system competitively with the next-gen consoles, which would place the system around the $499 range.

    Even though it's Alienware, I actually quite like the design of this thing.

    Source: IGN - Alienware

    And here is a talking dog
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