Hi, I've written this rap battle some time ago, it's similar to Counter-Strike Vs. Call of Duty & Battlefield: Battle Rhyme Lyrics. MGS gets ditched by Hitman here.

Hey Solid Snake, your balls are fake
Got Silver Hardballers like tail of a drake

Caution mode no code, AI feels like shit
Pay your debt

Exclamation marks, on your head
'Till you're dead, spinning like a gay dog
Go fuck yourself, well said

Big mama oh mama, such a bad noob with a pretty big boob
Big boss oh boss take a loss, your wife fucked right in her ass on the grass so fast her ass won't last

All you've got's nothing, drug's for buffin'
Whole day bluffin', 'till you lay in your coffin

Metal Gear Rex my ex-wife for sex
Semtex blew her up, fucking pussy you're next

No fucking crosshair, just shoot through air
Fans are so dumb, they just don't care

Body armor, cock warmer, go kill in summer
Spotlight if so bright, you can't fucking fight
So just fucking shut the fuck up, won't get it right

Revolver Ocelot, honey pot
(looks gay), carlot (refers to metal gear hangar)
I'm singing like Slipknot, go fucking play Metal Gear Solid
'Till you rot, jackpot

Raiden has no mouth for talking shit
Better back the fuck off or you get your pussies wet