Hello member of MPGH.net i need help and other people need help with a group of scamer that have stolen close to 1million dollars of people and business area that pay their electric bills trough NVEnergy so its most of Nevada and a little of California. these scamers call from a phone number pretending to be workers of NVEnergy or they just straight on steal the money from accounts. these people have called my uncle,cousin,and dad with ransomed and fake phone calls so they can make more money. they ask for close too 2000-5000 dollars just so they can keep their power on for some time, the police have not got them yet so i am looking for more help from hacker and skidz to help me DoX this number to get the peoples info, the phone number is 1866-221-6804 i have tried google,piple, and spider foot and i have found nothing so i am not asking but begging for your help to bring these people to justice and get back the money of the people that had, had it stole from them. please help the people and the familys that are loosing money just cuz of tese guys. thanks for helping if you can. Also sorry if i am in wrong section just didn't know here to post something like this.