Early in his career, Errol Morris created documentary portraits of normal Americans—grieving pet house owners, American state convicts, the residents of alittle American state town—and created them extraordinary by merely asking the correct queries and lease them reveal themselves. Lately, however, he’s been largely interviewing political figures, World Health Organization ar abundant cagier naturally. The Fog Of War coaxed former Defense Secretary Henry M. Robert McNamara into some shallow self-analysis, and troopers World Health Organization participated in or witnessed the abuses at Abu Ghraib told their stories with stoic candor in customary procedure. however coping with another secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, within the Unknown illustrious, Morris has finally met his match. The film is illuminating solely in its utter lack of illumination—for wanting deep into the eyes of somebody incapable of lease his guard down and finding, predictably, nothing any.