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    Exclamation I just trolled a bot on Skype (I know I'm retarded)

    idk what to say, since when did they start making bots for skype?

    [9:52:01 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: Hello! Please add me to your Contact list.[10:34:24 AM] *** Parham Gharavaisi has shared contact details with curvybabe.flirtz2. ***
    [10:34:31 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: hello, sry for late reply I was taking a shower
    [10:34:34 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: how may I help you sir?
    [10:36:12 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: Can I ask you a question?
    [10:36:17 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: sure
    [10:36:18 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: Hey hun.. How are you today? Wanna chat for a little? Im bored and wanted to meet new people...
    [10:36:35 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: fine thx
    [10:36:46 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: I've been a bit busy for the past few hours but I'm free now
    [10:36:48 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: What kinda girls you in to? Are you in to BIG boobies or a BIG BOOTY? ~
    [10:36:54 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: neither
    [10:37:11 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: not saying I'm gay though
    [10:37:15 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: I meant the thin skinny type
    [10:37:26 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: lol.. I have a lot of both!! Wanna see? I have some free time now...
    [10:37:36 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: you a pimp or somethin?
    [10:38:09 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: Ok... let me set my web cam up and you can watch me shake my booty!! LOL.. brb
    [10:38:30 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: can I ask a question?
    [10:39:05 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: Okie dokey go here https://******.**********.com and we'll do a PRIVATE 1to1 chat..There's a few pics in there, if you like click the Sign Up button, then register itll take you straight 2 my cam, I'll be there in a minute..
    [10:39:20 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: ok
    [10:39:49 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: It might say that im offline, but Ill get on.. Just be joining...
    [10:39:52 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: but I really need to know how to make bots for skype
    [10:39:59 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: I'll pay if your owner teaches me
    [10:40:29 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: lol, read the fine print on that page says session is only $0.00 if a premium member invites you...I've been a premium member there for a long time. Trust me I know how the site works I'm a webcam freaklol..
    [10:40:50 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: if you teach me how to make a bot like yourself
    [10:40:55 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: I'll pay the website too
    [10:41:02 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: what's a bot??
    [10:41:29 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: this is bot:
    [10:42:17 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: can your maker teach me how to make one?
    [10:42:51 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: There is no charge but its gonna ask you for your credit card. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me!! lol..
    [10:43:08 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: ah come on, please read this (to the developer)
    [10:43:39 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: Once you've completed that, it'll automatically redirect you to my webcam page.. u better give me some "gold" when you're on the site's like a flirt and I'd love some from you ..k?
    [10:43:47 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: alright
    [10:44:00 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: k u in?
    [10:44:31 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: I'm gonna block your fake ass for the time being, but if you actually read my message please reply back to because I pay good if you teach me how to make a dumb bot like this one
    [10:44:34 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: thanks for your time
    [10:44:36 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: have a nice day
    [10:44:44 AM] Parham Gharavaisi: now I'm gonna fuck off, bye
    [10:44:55 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: k
    [10:44:58 AM] curvybabe.flirtz2: kk, click on private time underneath my cam, usee it?
    * Contact Information *
    Skype: parham649
    ooVoo: Parham6
    * Vouches (Trade Reputation) *
    Vouch #1 - RenardO went first, No Middleman: My Account => His Account
    Vouch #2 - Mr.StoneX went first, No Middleman: My Account => His uPlay+Steam Accounts

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    Fun to mess around with bots? Yes.
    Interesting for other people? Not so much.

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    here, sadly
    Why are you back? Everything was fine.

    I was even happy too.

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