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    I could use some technical assistance.

    If anyone on here is a bit more tech-savvy than me I'd appreciate the help.
    I had to purchase a new drive a while back and it's been acting up since day one.

    I have a WDC WD4003FZEX-00Z4SA0
    Or WD 4TB Black for short.

    It's running warm now and I'm starting to get a bit concerned, every other HDD in my PC is running at a steady 30 - 40c, even the old ones that are about to give up. It's currently running at 51c

    Should I be concerned?

    This drive has also been making search-loading or whatever you want to call it noises.
    It's brand new so I don't see why it should, none of my other HDD's make quite that much sound.

    Should I just ask for a new one instead?

    Edit: I've been monitoring it for a while now.
    It momentarily went down to 50 for a while, now it has risen up to 53 and I expect it to go to 54 soon enough.
    I can't help but feel a bit concerned now. It might be a slight change in temperature, but having HDD's being over 50c isn't good.
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    "This drive has also been making search-loading or whatever you want to call it noises."

    Do you mean that scratching type noise when you first boot up?

    1. Does it happen at random or only when you copy files onto it?
    2. Does it happen when the computer is idling?

    Listen through the sounds of the WD HDDs and tell me if your HDD is making the same noises:

    Also, 50C+ is a bit warm for an HDD. After some research, a working HDD should be sitting around 35C-45C.

    If your HDD is making those sounds etc. It mostly likely means that you've got a faulty HDD. Back up any data thats on it and get it replaced ASAP
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