Even though there is a DVD quality source online and releases in cinemas October 30, I still think this movie warrants a visit to the cinemas as it's a really good film about a man who basically came up from nothing and did it all.

Warranted there were some trials and tribulations along the way this film doesn't capture all of James Browns moments, but it does capture the moments that would have affected his life the most.

The film in general is paced really well and I think the casting of Chadwick Boseman as the lead was an exceptional choice. Others were saying that Wayne Brady should/could have been cast as his impressions on the hit show 'Who's line is it anyway' captured his later performances in an exceptional comedic aspect.

However, the fact remains that Chadwick Boseman was cast and did a stellar job at that.

The only real criticism I have about the film is that some of the flashback moments of the film are placed to far apart from when you first see them taking shape too where they actually play out. An instance of this where a flashback takes shape in the first quarter or early second quarter of the film and doesn't play out until mid fourth quarter.

Other then that it was an exceptional film and is well worth the viewing time.

TLDR: Great film, should watch!