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    dunno,back in the day i used to buy games for my ds and i was very excited on my way home but steam is diffrent.
    essentialy every mechanical storage solution will soon be gone invcluding HDDs CDs Bluray and all these other moving storage solutions
    flash storage is far superiour so expect it to die off soon.

    but lately many games come with steam codes inside of them so i guess its the best of both worlds?
    Vouch thread


    Quote Originally Posted by foginho81 View Post
    Hello guys,5 mins ago i dowloaded this program, in 2 minutes i cracked an account, so i purchased Premium for supporting and have unlimited features!

    A+++ Tool GREAT CODER!
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkiller198 View Post
    I just purchased a Premium account and I haven't had any problems with it!

    Quote Originally Posted by ImShan View Post
    Vouch for this guy!

    I just bought premium and works pretty good.
    Quote Originally Posted by SiiKFO View Post
    Vouch bought premium works very well
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBlade324 View Post
    vouch i just bought premium it works great
    Quote Originally Posted by coolzombiesg View Post
    Vouch for him

    I just bought premium and works pretty good.
    Quote Originally Posted by KaizoPvP View Post
    VOUCHE: Yep, you are a legit seller, and I like the stuff you do.
    Quote Originally Posted by BTNGaming View Post
    Premium Purchased

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    Quote Originally Posted by master131 View Post
    I like to have something that's tangible and like others said, the feeling of having a physical copy.
    Hey Master Can you add me in skype? i really need to talk to you.

    ---ON TOPIC---
    it def have a felling attached to it.. when time go by and u see it u will remember the fun u had at the time...

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