I'm doing a little "project" in one of my classes and I need some help from people that are into stock marketing, or just good at math. the project is I have $10k (imaginary) and I have to spent ALL of it (can have about 1-2 dollars left) but I have a limit of 7 stocks, 3 of those 7 most be one of the pink stocks. The goal is to see who makes the most money by January(?)

here's the stocks and it's fixed price.

(the last stock is COST and price is $126.47

I current have

SBUX $77.72 X 12
NKE $81.64 X 10
BA $124.57 X 5
GOOG $583.95 X 4
COLM $77.09 X 16
AMZN $346.36 X 8

and those add up to $8,875.29
what last stock should I buy? and how much? or what should I swap out?