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this video probably took days to render at 30 frames per second.
if you have rendered stuff before you know what i mean...this will not reach video games anytime soon with out current hardware
Yeah, I personally do render, and this wouldn't seem to be too hard.

I mean that be this - He used Sculptris to make it, I've used sculptris on my shitty PC all the water to 3 million polygons at a solid FPS. So the model alone is not laggy in the slightest. However, most rendering software, especially professional grade types, are extremely inefficient. I can run Watch_Dogz at a good 30 FPS, but rendering a square in Cinema4D or Lightwave, as he uses, takes a second or two, especially with shading. We have the ability to make this into everyday games, but only if we make an efficient rendering engine that could handle that with advanced controls.

TL;DR: If we stopped being lazy this would be easy.