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    Quote Originally Posted by WoopwoopJuggalo View Post
    Nice day bump
    i know i day bumped. yesterday i wasn't able to get on becuz my da had friends over and was watching football all day so i couldn't get on. i posted it and i was answering what ppl said. all i wanted was a simple link/download. buutt nooo... learn in school... school is for learning... really? thats a major duh. like i'd/teachers let me play in class. i wanted it so i can play at lunch/after school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkstar9540 View Post
    it's called an emulator, and no. macs aren't powerful enough to emulate an NES. And how do you "play on their computers"? Do you stay afterschool in the computer lab? That is NOT "owning noobs". Also, you'd need to buy/illegally obtain a copy of windows and install it, which would be noticeable. I think.
    Of course Macs are powerful enough to emulate.

    There's hundreds of programs out there, a pretty popular one is VirtualPC.

    It was actually created by Microsoft but it is available for a Macintosh. You may need a more light-weight one. Give qemu a try.

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