So today, I went to my first football game, and it was fucking awesome. The weather was beautiful, it was at an nice 12 degrees Fahrenheit, and snowing. I bought a pair of 2nd row seats for me and my brother, for about $25 a ticket. So far, the experience was amazing.

Now onto the topic of the game.

Holy fuck. That last touchdown was fucking insane. Jarius Wright was a fucking monster, he plowed through 4 guys, and still managed to get the touchdown.

Now Wright was amazing and all, but Teddy Bridgewater.. Holy shit. He was amazing today.

Gerald Hodges... What can I say, fucking beast. LB of the fucking year, for this game. He intercepted a fumble near the 4th quarter, and apparently didn't count. Oh well, still was a really cool play.

The one person I hate though, is Walsh Blair. Fucking dumb ass doesn't know how to kick the ball. He could have gotten us a good field goal, if he could fucking kick properly. /rant over.

Onto the Jets:

All I can say is, 1 6 sucks dick. He got a serious left ankle injury today, and apparently they're saying he might not be able to play for the rest of the season. Fuck yes.

Overall, my experience today, was a once in a lifetime chance.