I used to stay up to date with all the computer parts and everything until like the past year+ but I want to buy a laptop for my GF since her other one is broken.

Laptop prices seem to have gotten fucking insane since tablets came out. I remember when I got an i5 dell for like $400. Now any decent processor laptop seems overpriced as hell. She doesn't want a tablet but a laptop so yeah..

Could someone help me find a laptop with a decent processor to stream movies, listen to music, browse the web.. general shit but a pretty good one cause she opens like 24823905834 tabs. Also needs a decent harddrive cause she downloads a lot of music. Needs a webcam too for skype. Price range is like around $500 AUSTRALIAN dollars.

I want to actually discuss this with you all and not just be like gib me links and shit.. I'm asking for advice not for you to do it for me.