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It's not balls nor guts. If you knew you could slap a man and get away with it because you're 'protected', would that be regarded as courage or just utter wussy-ness? A wise man once said: Just because you can, does not mean you have to. @Scotia all hail god mohammed
I expected better from you.
This man made cartoons which people all over the world are being hunted down and killed for.
There is still a Swedish man that runs because he made 1 cartoon.
He did it every day, in the same place, with his own name and in his own paper.

It's funny however, that these extremists hide for years, smuggling weapons and drugs for money, and then jump out of their hiding hole to shoot defenseless people.
And then they die, but it does not matter for them, because they know that they will go to Allah.

You have it the wrong way around, the extremists are the "wussy-ness" guys, Charlie was the bad ass for saying what everybody else is thinking.