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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave's Sheep View Post
    Nonetheless, Java is a great language, but I think the statement of it being the worst thing to happen to coding is absurd and I'm honestly offended that someone would be so oblivious.
    really butthurt i see.

    noone likes running python files,anywhere.
    Vouch thread


    Quote Originally Posted by foginho81 View Post
    Hello guys,5 mins ago i dowloaded this program, in 2 minutes i cracked an account, so i purchased Premium for supporting and have unlimited features!

    A+++ Tool GREAT CODER!
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkiller198 View Post
    I just purchased a Premium account and I haven't had any problems with it!

    Quote Originally Posted by ImShan View Post
    Vouch for this guy!

    I just bought premium and works pretty good.
    Quote Originally Posted by SiiKFO View Post
    Vouch bought premium works very well
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBlade324 View Post
    vouch i just bought premium it works great
    Quote Originally Posted by coolzombiesg View Post
    Vouch for him

    I just bought premium and works pretty good.
    Quote Originally Posted by KaizoPvP View Post
    VOUCHE: Yep, you are a legit seller, and I like the stuff you do.
    Quote Originally Posted by BTNGaming View Post
    Premium Purchased

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex0rPl4net View Post

    really butthurt i see.

    noone likes running python files,anywhere.
    Damn, you must be hurting you're trying to troll so hard.
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