Okay, if you have read this thread, you will know that I am Skype banned. I reason I was Skype banned was due to a false report of a person by the name of "Autism". He is not part of this forum, he is LSX guy. The reason he made a false report was because his friend "Neecoe" wanted me gone so he could make more money. When I went to school yesterday, everything was normal. When I went home and opened my laptop, everything was not. I checked out my Amazon reviews group and saw Neecoe saying stuff like, "Who has not joined the new group?" & Autism was stupid enough to admit he was the one that banned me.

Here is a little log from the chat:
[18:01:27] Nick: how tf do you get banned from skype?
[18:01:38] Sam: You can pay somebody to do it
[18:01:44] Sam: It lasts forever as well
[18:01:45] Sam: Sucks
[18:02:41] Mellow Yellow: can't u just create a new account?
[18:05:59] Autism: I banned him
[18:06:04] MrGentle: LOL
[18:06:05] Nick: how?
[18:06:07] MrGentle: Neecoe and Autism
[18:06:07] MrGentle: wow
[18:06:09] Nick: Iím so confused
[18:06:11] Autism: Stupid fucking bitch likes to fuck with me
[18:06:15] Autism: Nick it's a secret
[18:06:19] Nick: lol aight
[18:06:41] Autism: Banning all the retarded people in my contact list
[18:06:44] Nick: neecoe some product i did for you on the 16th fucked me over and i canít order anything until i pay for an order that didnít work with the code
[18:06:54] Neecoe - Review Provider: Huh
[18:07:05] Nick: one sec ill send a screen cap
[18:08:15] Neecoe - Review Provider: You didn't use product code..?
[18:08:19] Nick: i did tho
[18:08:22] Nick: idk what happened
[18:08:42] Neecoe - Review Provider: I send you a dollar and you buy it? Idk what to say
[18:08:54] Nick: i canít use paypal on amazon its aight
[18:09:01] Nick: ima make a new amazon account and buy something
[18:09:16] Neecoe - Review Provider: &
[18:09:20] Neecoe - Review Provider: k
[18:10:08] Nick: i tried to buy it with a cc last night but it could go through for some reason
[18:10:44] Vandalized // Homework Service: wait wtf Cursed got banned?
[18:10:49] Autism: Yea
[18:10:51] Autism: I did it
[18:10:57] Autism: but shush

I would like to see these two have repercussions for what they did. Neecoe never wanted to speak with me and resolve any issues he had with me. I have invested a lot of money with this business and Neecoe really screwed me over. I would love if anyone could report these two and be honest with Skype. I do not want them banned, I want Skype to resolve this. The more reports I have the more they should side with me, theoretically.

If you would like to help me be unbanned from Skype, PM me stating that you would. I will then send you their Skype usernames & a place to report them at. Thanks to whoever does.