Dylaan's Smite Group/Clan - Friendly & Fun


Hello MPGHians. Its Dylaan here, looking for GOOD and ACTIVE people who play Smite. I am forming a fun Smite Clan/Group for people looking to play, hangout, and have fun. :P

What is Smite?

For people who don't know what Smite is, it is a MOBA type game. A LoL Spinoff you may say.

How do I join the clan/group?

Easy! Look below for requirements. Anyone may join, but it makes things easier, if you can meet req's below. This are just a basis. But like I said Anyone may join. But be sure to also follow the template below! Apply in this thread.

What are the Requirements?

I'm glad you asked! These are VERY EASY req's to follow.
1.) Curse Voice - This is somewhat like Skype. But it is MUCH easier to use, as it also has a In-Game overlay for people not wanting to leave the game to do stuff. Easy-to-use Interface. Self Explanatory.
2.) Microphone - This isn't required, but VERY USEFUL when playing. Easier to let people know where others are in-game. Can be used with Curse Voice, you DON'T need a microphone, but it is HIGHLY recommended.
3.) Knowledge!! - You MUST KNOW how to play Smite. I mean, it's cool if your "Somewhat" new to the game. But teaching/playing at the same time IS DIFFICULT as there is much to know. I'm not saying i'm the best at teaching or playing, but I am decent enough and know the ropes. I can hold my weight :P

What are your stats Dylaan?

Incase you were wondering here's my stats.
Fav God(s): Neith
Mastery Level ( if any ): 3
Any Skins?: Normal, Golden
Fav Gamemode?: Joust

If you want to Join the Clan/Group be sure to add me IN-GAME!!! My name is "ImDylaan" without the quotation marks.

P.S: Use this template when applying to the clan!

Favorite God(s):
Mastery Level(s):
Any Skin(s)?:
Favorite Gamemode?:
Hours of Play: ( When you usually are on. Be sure to include Timezone as well! )

Thanks for reading! Hope to see some of you in-game!

Best Regards,