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    Talking How To Make/Use A Green Screen

    not sure were to put this so i put it here.

    *****1st Way
    1. For the green/blue screen you can use any blue/green fabric,green/blue tape, or even a green/blue wall
    2.Make sure you have windows movie maker installed and go to (it is currently disabled though)
    3.Put the main video first on the timeline and the background(fill in for blue/green) second
    4.Overlap the second video as much as possible on the first video
    5.Change the fade transaction to either green or blue chroma key from the download.
    ***** 2nd Way
    # Record your subject in front of a well-lit blue or green screen, and transfer the video onto your computer.
    # Use this code here
    Copy it, and paste it into notepad. Click File>Save As, and navigate to C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX. (If you don't already have an AddOnTFX folder, right click then New>Folder.) In the drop-down "File type" box, select "All types". Save the file as "bluescreen.xml"
    Run Windows Movie Maker.
    Import the video of your subject into WMM, and drag it down to the timeline.
    Find the picture or video you want to show behind your subject. Import it into WMM, and drag it down to the time line to the left of the video with your subject in front of the blue/green screen.
    Now that your two video clips are in the timeline, go to your transitions and there should be one that says "Bluescreen". Click it and drag it down to the timeline. Click the video of the bluescreen and drag it over onto the other clip. Don't drag it to far because that will just make the clips switch places. Keep going until the blue triangle disappears, then go back just a hair. (It will make more sense when you try it)
    Check out your preview and see if it worked.
    Click File>Save Movie File to save your movie
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    Nice, you were so smart to actually start off by saying where this is for... [/sarcasm]

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