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    starting in game development

    Anyone here is an expert ?

    Maybe few tips and so. i've been looking around watching videos for the last 3 days. and watching Twitch live game developing

    Really interested.

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    Ask in Programming section for tips.

    I recommend you learn a primitive language, then if you get hang of it fast move to C/C++ and make the game you want.
    If you want a complex game you gonna need an engine to work with.

    For instance, making mods for games you like, like skyrim and CS that have huges mdding communities will help you integrate 3d models in game.
    If you get here with few to none problems, you can figure the rest yourself. Good luck.
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    Guy with game development experience here. Used C and C++ for 7 years so far.

    I don't really want to burst your bubble, but you need to be quite competent with your language of choice, no matter what it is, game development oriented or general purpose. This can take years of experience to become very competent and have all the knowledge necessary.

    You have 2 routes, a general purpose language (like C) and an API (like SDL or OpenGL), or a Game development oriented language (like blitzplus).

    Game development oriented languages are easier to learn, have tons of premade functions that are useful in game development (like clipping sprite sheets for example), but that's as far as they go. There is no commercial demand for them because they are very niche. They can't do much other than create games, visuals and other things of that nature. They're easier for a starter and you can get into game development sooner with this, but there is a ceiling with how far you can go as well.

    General Purpose languages like C, you can make everything in them. They weren't designed with game development, or much else for that matter, in mind. A language like C can do everything pretty much. Write operating systems, write photo editing applications, write games, etc. Though by themselves their functionality is limited, and you either have to make everything you need yourself, or get an external library written by somebody else to do the things for you.
    For games, on top of learning your language of choice (I recommend C and C++), you need to learn an API oriented for graphics, input, audio, etc. Microsoft's DirectX, SDL, OpenGL (just graphics), Allegro, and SMFL are a few that come to mind.

    This will be something completely separate that you need to learn and master on top of the language before you can make a game.

    A general purpose language will also land you a job way more likely than a game development language (or any niche language in that case) since people need languages like C.

    So next, after you get good at your language (can't stress this enough. You NEED to actually know how to use the language well. If you're relying on tutorials still then you are not ready. References are fine, but if you're spending too much time looking up how to do something rather than doing it, you're probably not ready either) you can begin.

    However, you NEED to start small. Finish something small, and get it under your belt, and go to something bigger.
    Too many people have these grand dreams to create the next big MMO, have great graphics, killer audio, make tons of money, etc. They try to get a big team and it 100% fails. Why? Because they don't have experience and are aiming too big for who they are.

    Start off small. For your first game, make a pong or tetris clone or something simple. If you can do that, great. It's a completed product under your belt, and you can move up and make something bigger.
    Nobody is going to care about your sweet triple-A MMO idea that you had, but never started and gave up since you had no way to implement anything. They'll care if you actually finish something.

    Once again, I don't want to burst your bubble, but before you can develop games, you need to be a great programmer. That can take even years to get the necessary experience and knowledge, and it's not for everybody.

    I know it seems sweet and awesome to make games, but there is a tough reality behind it. You need to be passionate about programming itself. Create games is secondary, programming is what has to come first.

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    Start basic, recreate simple games (pong, etc), don't worry about graphics, just get the logic down. Then work on a 2d game like tetris, etc, that doesn't require an engine like flash/unity. If you like it, try porting it to a phone. Then branch out, stay away from 3d and try to stay simple because it'll likely be a one man project

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