Here is a puzzle about colour:

- You need to get a favourite colour out of someone.
- They are not allowed to lie.
- You are not allowed to guess "Is your colour ___?" until you get it.
- They are not allowed to tell you outright e.g. "My favourite colour is ___".
- Assume the colour is extremely specific like melancholy beige with a sprinkle of teal, so there is no way to get it by for example, seeing what they wear or what colour they want a gift to be.

The answer to the puzzle should be a way to get the person to say their favourite colour, and should be able to get a very specific answer. The fact that they can't lie is a key point, and the answer is probably revolving around asking smart questions using that key point.

I found this puzzle a while ago and just remembered it, and I remember reading that it should be easy, but I just can't do it. :s

Good luck, all