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To be honest I have no idea when this program can be useful... Anyway I am proud of you that you are not one of this fking leachers, but you are trying do release something created by you.
Maybe idea of this program is usefule - "every AVA links in one place", but no it's just next program between desktop and browser. I can achieve same effect with 4 shortcuts on my desktop and will be more efficient - less clicks before page loaded. My idea for you: you should created small program that always be as a icon in tray (without any forms) and when you right click on this tray icon you will see context menu with this 4 links. Add this program into autostart, and then in my opinion that can be useful.
xD I Released Chams When It Detected -- I Made The First Injector Undetected Here xD This Program Made It To Get Thanks Lol