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    AVA Uploading & Behavior Rules

    Thank you Hannibal.
    *Use Jotti, Virustotal, VirusChief, or VirScan for your virus scan links (any others will be ignored). You need two virus scans or more per release.
    *Upload PROPER screenshots, saying you will "add them later" will not suffice.
    *Hacks with Auto-Update features ARE NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances unless sanctioned by Dave84311.
    *Make sure you scan the uploaded .RAR/.ZIP file, not the .EXE or .DLL.
    *Make sure you give credits.
    *DO NOT post to request a hack to be approved or closed. Only the OP (original poster) can request for a thread to be approved or closed.
    *NO FLAMING or arguing in release threads. If you have a problem with the post, then simply press the REPORT BUTTON and explain in the report what problem you have with the post.
    *ONE MENTION IS ENOUGH, no need for multiple mentions for the same cause.
    *If the attachment you uploaded is packed, send a minion/mod of this section the unpacked version. If there is no unpacked version sent to a minion/mod, the attachment will be denied.
    This may be updated/changed in the future.

    MPGH Staff History:
    Minion: 02-12-2013 - 6-28-2013
    Former Staff: 6-28-2013 - 7-14-2014
    Minion: 7-14-2014 - 1-3-2015
    Minion+: 1-3-2015 - 6-1-2015
    Moderator: 6-1-2015 - 10-2-2016
    Global Moderator: 10-2-2016 - Current

    Current Sections:
    DayZ Mod & Standalone Hacks & Cheats
    BattleOn Games Hacks, Cheats & Trainers
    Minecraft Hacks
    Other Semi-Popular First Person Shooter Hacks
    Blackshot Hacks & Cheats
    Need For Speed World Hacks
    Other First Person Shooter Hacks
    CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks
    Garry's Mod Hacks & Cheats

    If you want to donate money to me I take Bitcoin & Paypal, PM me for either of these if you're interested and thanks.
    Top Donators: (Awesome People)
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