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    Requesting Approval/Close/Ban/Delete/Move

    To the users of the AVA section:

    You are NOT allowed to ask/beg for approval for a file on someone else's thread.

    This is a official MPGH rule and multiple offences may result in an infraction.
    - No requesting close/ban/delete/approve/move. (Infraction)
    For a full list of the rules on MPGH please follow this link.
    MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats Rules

    We minions know when there is an attachment waiting for approval, and we generally try to get around to them as soon as we can.
    The owner of a thread has the right to mention minions to request approval in the first post of the thread, but if people are going around onto other people's threads requesting approval then it will be considered a breach of this rule and your post will be deleted (infractions MAY be handed out to repeat offenders)

    Thank you.
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