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    FAQ: about HACKS/BANS/GUIDES And stuff.

    Does the latest public hack work?
    1. [READ] Hack is PATCHED - Bueeno

    Im banned what do i do? (Terminated/Ip)
    1. [GUIDE] Get banned? - FAQ - Bueeno

    Is there a VIP hack out for AVA?
    1. Pre-Vip area - Sub-forum

    2. There is no VIP for AVA just yet, But i will update when there is!

    Weapon guides:

    1. [RELEASE] AVA Guide 1 (sniping) - Sendi11

    2. [RELEASE] AVA Guide 2 (gun stats) - Sendi11

    This is just to let you all know out there, To inform you of the occurrences in the AVA section, When more post's get updated i shall update this thread.
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