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    Making Hacks

    Before you even THINK of flaming, Take a good long look through ALLLLLLL of the posts, like I did, and then tell me if ANYONE has a good tutorial on making combat arms hacks. Or any type of hacks for that matter(besides warrock, warrock is gay up the ass)Or save yourself some time and don't, I spent 3 days looking through posts. And they all were full of CRAP. I'm not asking for a full-out tutorial that should be stickied, just something that me, and everyone else wants. It seems that enough people here are "Pro Hack Makers," so why keep it to yourself. And yeah I'm a choob. So is just about everyone in this damned place. Live with it, I've been with MPGH since *** closed.
    No, I will not post a tut on youtube claiming it as my own like a fag, I just want to make hacks.

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