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    Quote Originally Posted by projektx View Post
    so i downloaded topblast's menu base, changed the client to the updated addie and looked over it, i dont know exactly how to place the code in it, is it just the PTC command in a certain section or is it an if then statement within a section? if so how would i do it? sorry im new to this all
    My personal opinion dont code your not the type end of story no ifs buts whys or how come just dont. And its not Topblast's base its Han121's base, just cause you changed some shit in a base dont means its yours now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zane Slayman View Post
    Can i join this convo. lol but i got topblast menu to work except it, the menu dissapears when you join a server!!!
    Try using a different D3D hook.

    Quote Originally Posted by projektx View Post
    ya whatever loser, your acting like everyone loves you when your just an ignorant prick you fucking faggot.
    /Get Banned

    Quote Originally Posted by GameTrainerMaker View Post
    i downloaded TopBlast menu fixed it with no probs.. menu doesnt disappear for me :S
    Cool story is there a ending?

    Quote Originally Posted by hgmf8124 View Post
    The menu disappears when I'm in-game (playing in room, started) so I can't change anything after (I have to restart CA to change hacks). Plus it lags me..
    no shit? Learn some D3D

    Quote Originally Posted by hgmf8124 View Post
    Yeah lol, I'm trying harder and harder just to fix Gellins Base from getting errors lol. I fail, but I'll keep trying. Thanks.
    Dont give up

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    To whoever asked about fixing errors in gellins base as in it wont compile
    gellin did this werid method of externing the classes
    which i really dont know how it worked or him but your not suppose to do that

    you should have
    Main.h// all the menu base and direct3d headers and cpp (except base.cpp)
    Main.cpp//this is base.cpp

    now have fun really i dont know if you could still call my version Of Gellins base his anymore because i tore it apart xD

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