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    GTM you are fail mega troll. You are justing saying that you took down our site to act cool. Infact the actual hacker spoke to me over MSN, so I know who did it and you arent that person. You are one big fail GTM, you even admitted to me a while back that you cant hack sites for shit because you wanted my help and I refused because you supposedly ddosed MPGH. Based on this thread we can tell that

    you are a kid, and certainly one that is immature. Only a little kid would go around and posing as somebody who hacked somebodys website in order to get failspect(fail + respect). You also paid for software in order to spam the MSNs of people who call you names like "faggot" and "fail coder" because you dont want people exposing the truth about the real fail that you are. Clearly when you were
    born you were dropped on your head and abused. On behalf of pretty much everybody here, get the fuck out scrawny little faggot.

    Quoted by CodeDemon on msn..
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