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    So what's the naming convention used here?

    I'm posting on this site because I can and some people here actually know how to code. Deal with it.

    So Nexon get's it's patch information from here:

    ^That one is this latest patch assuming it was compiled in Korea on 6/6/12

    Btw, the reason -60 Errors were all over the place yesterday was because NGM was trying to grab that file from this directory:

    Which doesn't exist. Took them forever to correct that. >.>

    Anyways, the file information for a file looks like this:


    But an actual download link for a file looks like this:

    If you open the link it starts downloading the CHARS_T_HEAD.rez patch file for this current patch

    So how does "-672472487","17620589","9280703","-1135202736","30231001","-787126104","4","-622049135","345328","-1436188266","-713670833","345328","-1436188266","1800910131","581409","1962190165","-728370099","695236","480644293","0"

    translate into

    Within the Nexon Game Manager?

    Where does it get the extension "" from?

    Anyone have any insight into this?

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    In backup software, delta files are used to store all the changes made to all the files you back up, so that it doesn't need to create -- and store -- a complete new set of files each day. You might wish to restore your accounting records as they existed, for example, yesterday, last week or last month, depending on when an error was introduced. The backup software will use the information in the delta files to reconstruct your records as they were on the date you choose.

    What Is a Delta File? |

    Explanation of Name:

    Science and mathematics have assigned meanings to various letters from the Greek alphabet for use in equations. Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, is used to symbolize a change in value. Delta files, which record the changes between two computer files, get their name from this convention.

    Now as for those numbers. Those could be values in the models/rez files, they could be locations, or a mixture of both.

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