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    EHSvc module working perfect for making bypass!!! [not for noob]

    have at it @BadBurrito @Acea @Saltine @nigger
    10000001    dec ebp
    10000002    pop edx
    10000003    nop 
    10000005    add byte ptr [ebx], al
    10000007    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000000A    add byte ptr [eax+eax], al
    1000000C    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000000B    Unknown operand
    1000000B    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000000D    add bh, bh
    1000000F    inc dword ptr [eax]
    10000015    add byte ptr [eax+00000000h], bh
    10000017    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000001A    add byte ptr [eax+00h], al
    1000001C    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000001E    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000020    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000022    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000024    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000026    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000028    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000002B    cmp cl, al
    1000002C    movsd 
    1000002E    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000030    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000032    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000034    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000036    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000038    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000003A    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000003C    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000003E    or byte ptr [ecx], al
    10000040    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000041    push cs
    10000042    pop ds
    10000047    mov edx, 09B4000Eh
    10000049    int 21h
    1000004E    mov eax, 21CD4C01h
    1000004F    push esp
    10000054    push 70207369h
    10000056    jc 100000C5h
    10000059    jc 100000BAh
    1000005A    insd 
    1000005D    and byte ptr [ebx+61h], ah
    1000005E    outsb 
    1000005F    outsb 
    10000060    outsd 
    10000062    je 10000082h
    10000065    bound esp, dword ptr [ebp+20h]
    10000067    jc 100000DCh
    10000068    outsb 
    1000006B    and byte ptr [ecx+6Eh], ch
    1000006F    and byte ptr [edi+ecx*2+53h], al
    10000072    and byte ptr [ebp+6Fh], ch
    1000007A    or eax, 00240A0Dh
    1000007C    add byte ptr [eax], al
    1000007E    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000080    add byte ptr [eax], al
    10000085    mov eax, dword ptr [E58F3EC0h]
    1000008A    mov eax, dword ptr [A1E5DC50h]
    1000008B    push eax
    1000008D    fsubr st(5), st(0)
    10000092    mov eax, dword ptr [BE8ADC50h]
    10000093    pop ebx
    10000095    fsub st(6), st(0)
    1000009A    mov eax, dword ptr [BE8ADC50h]
    1000009B    pop edx
    1000009D    fsubr st(3), st(0)
    100000A2    mov eax, dword ptr [BD9EDC50h]
    100000A3    pop esp
    100000A5    fsub st(4), st(0)
    100000AA    mov eax, dword ptr [BD66DC50h]
    100000AB    pop esi
    100000AD    fadd st(5), st(0)
    100000B2    mov eax, dword ptr [A1E5DC50h]
    100000B3    push eax
    100000B5    fsubr st(6), st(0)
    100000BA    mov eax, dword ptr [A1E5DC50h]
    100000BB    push ecx
    100000C1    fcom qword ptr [edi+26DC50A0h]
    100000C2    scasb 
    100000C7    or eax, 50A1F8DCh
    100000C9    fcom2 st(3)
    100000CC    xchg dword ptr [edx-24h], ebx
    100000CE    and al, FFFFFFA1h
    100000CF    push eax
    100000D1    fcom2 st(3)
    100000D4    xchg dword ptr [ebx-24h], ebx
    100000D5    wait 
    100000DA    mov eax, dword ptr [A722DC50h]
    100000DB    push esi
    100000DD    fsubr st(4), st(0)
    100000E2    mov eax, dword ptr [811ADC50h]
    100000E3    push esp
    100000E5    fsubr st(4), st(0)
    100000EA    mov eax, dword ptr [6952DC50h]
    100000ED    arpl word ptr [eax-1Bh], bp
    100000F2    mov eax, dword ptr [0000DC50h]
    100000F4    add byte ptr [eax], al
    100000F6    add byte ptr [eax], al
    100000F8    add byte ptr [eax], al
    Successful buys: 20
    Successful sells: 4
    Successful trades: 9
    Scammed: 4

    vouche for me?

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    These are just the first 248 bytes of the module o_0

    Progress with my game - "Disbanded"
    • Fixed FPS lag on spawning entities due to the ent_preload buffer!
    • Edit the AI code to get some better pathfinding
    • Fixed the view bug within the sniper scope view. The mirror entity is invisible now!
    • Added a new silencer for ALL weapons. Also fixed the rotation bugs
    • Added a ton of new weapons and the choice to choose a silencer for every weapon
    • Created a simple AntiCheat, noobs will cry like hell xD
    • The name will be Disbanded, the alpha starts on the 18th august 2014

    Some new physics fun (Serversided, works on every client)

    My new AI

    And for sure my 8 months old gameplay with 2 friends

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    my memory scanner is still a bit buggy,
    Successful buys: 20
    Successful sells: 4
    Successful trades: 9
    Scammed: 4

    vouche for me?

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