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    Useful stuff

    0F95110 mov dword ptr [ebp-8], 60FAE8EC fragself
    60F9514C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE8F8 cursorcenter 0
    60F95170 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE908 skelmodelstencil 1
    60F9518D mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE91C skelmodelstencil 0
    60F951CB mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE930 playergravity 0
    60F951E8 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE940 playergravity -1099
    60F9521F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE954 playergravity 500
    60F9523C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE940 playergravity -1099
    60F95268 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE968 activationdistance 99999
    60F95295 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE984 activationdistance 100
    60F952C0 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE99C fogenable 0
    60F952DC mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9A8 fogenable 1
    60F95309 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9B4 drawparticles 0
    60F95336 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9C4 drawparticles 1
    60F95369 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9D4 drawvolumeeffects 0
    60F95396 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9E8 drawvolumeeffects 1
    60F953E7 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9FC wireframe 0
    60F95401 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA08 wireframemodels 0
    60F95421 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9FC wireframe 0
    60F9543C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA1C wireframemodels 1
    60F9545B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA30 wireframe 1
    60F95476 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA08 wireframemodels 0
    60F95493 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA30 wireframe 1
    60F954AD mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA1C wireframemodels 1
    60F954D3 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAE9FC wireframe 0
    60F954EE mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA08 wireframemodels 0
    60F95537 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA3C startaccel 500.000000
    60F95552 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA54 maxaccel 3000.000000
    60F9556D mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA6C accelinc 6000.000000
    60F95587 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA84 walkvel 70.000000
    60F955A2 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA98 frunvel 285.000000
    60F955BD mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAAC brunvel 285.000000
    60F955D7 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAC0 srunvel 285.000000
    60F955F2 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAD4 duckvel 50.000000
    60F95612 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAE8 startaccel 600.000000
    60F9562C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB00 maxaccel 4000.000000
    60F95647 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB18 accelinc 7000.000000
    60F95662 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB30 walkvel 80.000000
    60F9567C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB44 frunvel 300.000000
    60F95697 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB58 brunvel 300.000000
    60F956B2 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB6C srunvel 300.000000
    60F956CC mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB80 duckvel 55.000000
    60F956EC mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEB94 startaccel 650.000000
    60F95707 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEBAC maxaccel 4500.000000
    60F95721 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEBC4 accelinc 7500.000000
    60F9573C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEBDC walkvel 85.000000
    60F95757 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEBF0 frunvel 315.000000
    60F95771 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC04 brunvel 315.000000
    60F9578C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC18 srunvel 315.000000
    60F957A7 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC2C duckvel 60.000000
    60F957C6 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC40 startaccel 700.000000
    60F957E1 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC58 maxaccel 5000.000000
    60F957FC mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC70 accelinc 8000.000000
    60F95816 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC88 walkvel 90.000000
    60F95831 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEC9C frunvel 330.000000
    60F9584C mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAECB0 brunvel 330.000000
    60F95866 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAECC4 srunvel 330.000000
    60F95881 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAECD8 duckvel 70.000000
    60F958A1 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAECEC startaccel 750.000000
    60F958BB mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED04 maxaccel 5500.000000
    60F958D6 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED1C accelinc 8500.000000
    60F958F1 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED34 walkvel 95.000000
    60F9590B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED48 frunvel 375.000000
    60F95926 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED5C brunvel 375.000000
    60F95941 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED70 srunvel 375.000000
    60F9595B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED84 duckvel 80.000000
    60F9597B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAED98 startaccel 800.000000
    60F95996 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEDB0 maxaccel 6000.000000
    60F959B0 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEDC8 accelinc 9000.000000
    60F959CB mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEDE0 walkvel 100.000000
    60F959E6 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEDF4 frunvel 400.000000
    60F95A00 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE08 brunvel 400.000000
    60F95A1B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE1C srunvel 400.000000
    60F95A36 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE30 duckvel 85.000000
    60F95A55 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE44 startaccel 850.000000
    60F95A70 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE5C maxaccel 6500.000000
    60F95A8B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE74 accelinc 9500.000000
    60F95AA5 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEE8C walkvel 110.000000
    60F95AC0 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEEA0 frunvel 440.000000
    60F95ADB mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEEB4 brunvel 440.000000
    60F95AF5 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEEC8 srunvel 440.000000
    60F95B10 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEEDC duckvel 90.000000
    60F95B30 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEEF0 startaccel 900.000000
    60F95B4A mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF08 maxaccel 7000.000000
    60F95B65 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF20 accelinc 10000.000000
    60F95B80 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF38 walkvel 120.000000
    60F95B9A mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF4C frunvel 480.000000
    60F95BB5 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF60 brunvel 480.000000
    60F95BD0 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF74 srunvel 480.000000
    60F95BEA mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF88 duckvel 95.000000
    60F95C0A mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEF9C startaccel 950.000000
    60F95C25 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEFB4 maxaccel 7500.000000
    60F95C3F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEFCC accelinc 10500.000000
    60F95C5A mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEFE4 walkvel 130.000000
    60F95C75 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEFF8 frunvel 520.000000
    60F95C8F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF00C brunvel 520.000000
    60F95CAA mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF020 srunvel 520.000000
    60F95CC5 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF034 duckvel 100.000000
    60F95CE4 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF048 startaccel 1000.000000
    60F95CFF mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF060 maxaccel 8000.000000
    60F95D1A mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF078 accelinc 11000.000000
    60F95D34 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF090 walkvel 140.000000
    60F95D4F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF0A4 frunvel 560.000000
    60F95D6A mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF0B8 brunvel 560.000000
    60F95D84 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF0CC srunvel 560.000000
    60F95D9F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF0E0 duckvel 110.000000
    60F95DBF mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF0F4 startaccel 1050.000000
    60F95DD9 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF10C maxaccel 8500.000000
    60F95DF4 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF124 accelinc 11500.000000
    60F95E0F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF13C walkvel 150.000000
    60F95E29 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF150 frunvel 600.000000
    60F95E44 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF164 brunvel 600.000000
    60F95E5F mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF178 srunvel 600.000000
    60F95E79 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF18C duckvel 120.000000
    60F95EA6 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA3C startaccel 500.000000
    60F95EC1 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA54 maxaccel 3000.000000
    60F95EDB mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA6C accelinc 6000.000000
    60F95EF6 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA84 walkvel 70.000000
    60F95F11 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEA98 frunvel 285.000000
    60F95F2B mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAAC brunvel 285.000000
    60F95F46 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAC0 srunvel 285.000000
    60F95F61 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAEAD4 duckvel 50.000000
    60F95F95 push 60FAF1A0 jumpvel %i
    60F95FD5 mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 60FAF1AC jumpvel 330

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    This is useless, 95% of these arguments have to be accessed via memory operations. Aka NOP'ing them
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    Hook registercommand and profit.


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